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Popular with homeowners across the UK that want a high performance, low maintenance window option, uPVC windows are an ideal home improvement solution. With impressive functionality and outstanding energy efficiency, uPVC windows are perfectly suited to those who want a cost effective and visually appealing window design.

Here at Futureglaze, we are proud to serve South Wales. With 35 years’ experience delivering the highest quality customer service and providing beautiful window replacements and upgrades, you can rest assured that your home is in safe hands. Whether you live in Cardiff or Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan or other areas in South Wales, our friendly team of expert installers are always happy to help you enhance your home.

Read on to discover how uPVC windows can improve your home.

uPVC sliding sash windows with astragal bars

What are uPVC windows?

uPVC windows are known for their durability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance qualities. Unlike traditional wooden frames, uPVC windows feature strong uPVC frames that are resistant to fading, rotting, and warping, providing extra protection for your property. In addition, they are excellent at insulating a home, keeping it cosy for year-round comfort.

Available in a wide range of versatile styles, you can find a uPVC window that perfectly complements your home’s aesthetic. From elegant uPVC flush sash windows to spacious uPVC bay windows, timeless uPVC sliding sash windows to sophisticated uPVC casement windows, there are a variety of distinct designs available to reflect your unique tastes.

What are the features and benefits of uPVC windows?

uPVC Windows have a variety of benefits that can improve your home. These include:

Sustainability as standard

uPVC windows are a sustainable choice. They can be recycled over 10 times; making them an eco-friendly window option.

Excellent weather resistance

uPVC is a durable material that’s ideal for window frames as it is highly resistant to rotting, warping and flaking, protecting your home from the harsh elements.

Long lifespans

With professional installation and proper maintenance, the average lifespan of uPVC windows is around 20 years minimum.

Improved energy efficiency

Achieving ‘A’ ratings in energy efficiency and U-values as low as 0.8, alongside high-quality double glazing, uPVC windows can keep your home insulated for year-round comfort.

Enhanced security features

uPVC is a robust material, helping protect your home from unwanted intruders.

In addition, at Futureglaze all our uPVC windows are manufactured to the latest British safety standards and building regulations, providing enhanced levels of security for added peace of mind.

Effortless low maintenance

All uPVC windows need is a quick wipe down to retain their visual appeal, making them an ideal low maintenance window option, for effortless and hassle-free upkeep.

Transform your home with uPVC windows from Futureglaze

Specialising in professional window installations since 1988, you can have complete confidence in Futureglaze. We offer a stunning range of uPVC windows in a variety of different styles to perfectly complement your home.

Backed by up to 10-year guarantee, our window installations rarely require further attention, but our excellent aftercare service and repair options are always available just in case.

For more information, contact a member of our friendly team today, or visit our state-of-the-art-showroom in South Wales.