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Are House Prices Still Rising in Wales? 5 Ways to Make Your Home Stand Out

Wales is yet again at the top of the regional list recording the highest average house price increase year-on-year of 14.5%, with a monthly rise of 2.7%, but why is...

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What Does Insurance Backed Guarantee Mean?

Many products we buy for our homes come with a guarantee – whether it’s windows, doors, conservatories, or other home improvements. Insurance-backed guarantees protect us, as consumers, in the future....

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Are Shutters on Windows Out of Style?

Windows shutters are very much in style and on-trend for 2022 and are in line with other home décor trends, such as the use of organic materials. Window shutters can...

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Do You Need Planning Permission for Windows in 2022?

If you have been thinking about replacing your windows, you may be wondering if you need planning permission. Recent changes to Building Regulations have confused many about what they can...

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Will New Windows and Doors Reduce My Heating Bill?

You can waste more energy than you realise through your home’s windows and doors. When you have adequately insulated windows and doors, you can save money on your energy bills....

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Can You Replace a Letterbox?

Yes, you can indeed replace a letterbox and letterplates. Legally it is your responsibility to replace or repair a letterbox if it’s considered hazardous to deliver post. You need to make sure...

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Futureglaze Named as Finalists in Best of Welsh Business Awards 2022

As we, at Futureglaze, won the Best Doors and Windows Business 2021, we decided to try again for 2022, and we did it! Our clients and customers have nominated us for...

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Why are Grey Composite Doors So Popular Right Now?

Composite doors have quickly become the most popular front door on the market in the UK, proving to be an excellent choice for front, back, and side doors for all...

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What Blinds Are Right for My Home?

If you are looking for blinds at home, it’s important to choose the right blinds that not only look great with your home décor but also give you the features...

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