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Six smart ways to improve your UK homes security

Your home is your personal haven (even more so nowadays!), a place where you feel safe and sound. The last thing you think about – or even wish to think...

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What is the difference between a sliding sash and flush sash window?

As sliding sash and flush sash windows both have sash in the name, you could be forgiven for thinking that they are quite similar. The reality, in fact, is quite...

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The top differences between a uPVC door and a composite door

As homeowners ourselves, we can relate to the fact that when it comes to buying a replacement door, there is a multitude of different options available. From aluminium replacement doors...

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Futureglaze achieves Constructionline Gold member status

The team at Futureglaze is thrilled to announce that we’ve recently been certified as a Constructionline Gold member. After holding Constructionline silver accreditation, achieving Gold member status is a huge...

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5 reasons why Endurance composite doors from Futureglaze are the superior choice

Composite doors are now one of the most popular entrance door options for UK homeowners. They are stronger than uPVC doors and require far less maintenance than their timber counterparts....

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Top 5 benefits of installing a composite door

Fast becoming the door of choice across South Wales and beyond, composite doors offer a wide range of benefits. From performance to aesthetic appeal, we have narrowed down the top...

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4 security benefits of a composite door (and many other benefits!

Over the past few years, composite doors have become one of the most popular door materials amongst our customers. And it is no surprise. A customisable low maintenance door material...

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Futureglaze helping to keep you COVID secure

As we continue to adjust to life amidst a global pandemic, and another national lockdown, employees, and employers all over the world are continuously trying to balance the usual operation...

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How our window and door repair service can save you money

If you’re having problems with your windows and doors, you may think that the only solution is replacement. Replacing your windows and doors can have a massively positive impact on...

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