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10 reasons to choose a composite door

Composite doors are now one of the most popular entrance door options for UK homeowners. In South Wales, this is no different. Composite doors can be found on properties on...

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Best window company nomination

It’s exciting times at Futureglaze.  We’ve just been nominated in the Welsh Home Improvement Awards for Best Window and Door Company.  To be nominated for such a prestigious award is...

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uPVC windows and doors: the perennially popular home improvements

Walk down any street in the UK and it’s highly likely that at least a few of the properties will have uPVC windows and doors. Since the 1980s, uPVC glazing...

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Can you repair a uPVC window?

Do you have uPVC windows installed at your home? Have you experienced any problems with your windows? Have you thought about replacing your windows but you’d like to see if...

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Our Style Guide To Installing The Right Windows

Installing the right type of windows is vital to achieve the desired look and feel for your property. Across south Wales we have a wide variety of styles of properties,...

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Wooden Front Doors: Are They Secure?

We want to take this opportunity to examine the question as to whether wooden front doors are secure. In short, yes they can be. However, it must also be remembered...

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Want To Replace A Door With A Window?

During home renovations it is commonplace to change the layout of your home, knock walls down, put walls up and also replace a door with a window for example. Equally...

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Which To Choose: Aluminium Windows or UPVC Windows?

In this day and age, there are many choices for homeowners when it comes to making home improvements, and this is no different when it comes to choosing new windows....

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Can Heat Retention Be Improved With Composite Doors?

We have been in business for over 31 years and we know from our customers in Cardiff, Bridgend and across South Wales that composite doors (and composite front doors in...

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