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A trickle vent is a small, adjustable opening at the top of a window or door, providing controlled ventilation within a building.  

A small hole is routed out the top of a window or door frame, allowing air to pass through. Trickle vents are clipped to the routed area. They are designed to allow a user to control the flow of air that comes into a property, minimise drafts in addition to reducing heat transfer.  

Trickle vents are especially useful in situations where traditional methods of ventilation might not be suitable. These vents help maintain indoor air quality by allowing a controlled exchange of air, reducing condensation, and preventing the buildup of excess moisture.  

Window Trickle Vent

Where are trickle vents found?

Trickle vents are most commonly found in modern, energy-efficient buildings and new housing projects, but they can also be fitted retrospectively into older windows and doors.  

Are trickle vents a requirement for new window installations?

New building regulations came into effect in 2021, offering changes that affected numerous glazing products.  

Included in the updates was Part F of the Building Regulations, which now states that any newly installed windows or doors must be fitted with trickle vents. This is in respect to new build properties and newly constructed extensions. 

White standard windows upgraded

What are the benefits of trickle vents in new window installations?

Trickle vents are a popular home improvement solution, known for their unique ability to conserve energy and improve indoor air quality. The vent openings have a host of benefits that make them an ideal feature in new window installations. These benefits include: 

Better ventilation

The main benefit of a trickle vent is the ventilation that allows a potentially sealed room to have a natural flow of air. This function helps reduce moisture in the air.  

Condensation control

Trickle vents help prevent condensation on windows by allowing moisture-laden air to escape. 

Improved air quality

Trickle vents ensure a constant flow of fresh air, reducing indoor pollutants and allergens. 

Health advantages

Mould loves to grow in damp and cold locations, so any excess moisture in your home increases the likelihood of this toxic health risk.  

Trickle vents ensure moisture-laden air can escape your property. Thus, trickle vents can help to reduce airborne toxins such as mould, and the significant health issues they can cause. 

Exceptional energy efficiency

Trickle vents allow fresh air to enter without compromising on your home’s energy efficiency. By regulating the airflow, they prevent excessive heat loss during colder months and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. 

Enhanced security 

Trickle vents enable you to ventilate a room without having to leave a window open, providing you with enhanced security and added peace of mind.  

Sustainability as standard

Trickle vents promote the use of natural ventilation over energy consuming mechanical systems, helping you contribute to a more eco-friendly, sustainable way of living.  

Visual appeal

Trickle vents appear concealed in windows, offering a neat and tidy aesthetic that won’t affect your home’s interior.   

Additionally, trickle vents are available in a wide range of colours and finishes to match your frames perfectly, for a stunning and streamlined visual appeal.  

Should I have trickle air vents installed?

As homes become modernised and upgraded with advanced, airtight insulation, trickle vents are essential to helping maintain a constant flow of fresh air. Incorporating trickle vents into new windows is a thoughtful investment that pays off in terms of both health and comfort. Whether you’re concerned about maintaining a healthy living space, managing energy consumption, or embracing sustainability, trickle vents prove that sometimes, the smallest details can lead to the biggest benefits. 

white upvc mock box sash casement windows with a georgian grid

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