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The feeling of walking into your new home with the last of the boxes unloaded from the removal van is one that few of us ever forget. Shutting the door on your old life and entering the next phase is exciting, and daunting too.

Exciting, because finally, you’re ‘in’ following all the hassle of buying, selling and actually moving home. Daunting, because as you look around you begin to compile a ‘to do’ list in your head. And this might be a longer list than you previously imagined!

What are the best affordable home improvement ideas?

Inevitably, you will want to make changes, putting your own stamp on your new home. And there may be a need for repairs to existing fixtures and fittings that you’ll want to prioritise. So committing the list to paper is, at this stage, a great idea.

Some people will want to start work straight away, while others are content to settle in before getting on with the jobs. Whatever your approach, here are five home improvement suggestions worth considering:

Modern composite door and garage

A new door

From a security perspective, changing the locks is always a good idea – you never know who has a key – but it might be worth changing the entire door if the old one isn’t up to scratch. Depending on the style and age of your property you might consider a uPVC, aluminium or composite door, each of which offers strength, security and energy efficiency.

Double glazed bay style windows in white

New windows

Rare is the house where all the windows work well, keeping heat in. When fuel price rises are uppermost in our minds, a new window is an excellent choice. Here at Futureglaze we stock a wide range of windows to suit all styles, tastes and budgets. From uPVC casements to aluminium sliders, our windows are stylish and highly thermally efficient.

Tall windows in the stair case with shutters fitted

Shutters and blinds

Rejoice – the days of net curtains are over! Instead, many new homeowners are looking at shutters and blinds to protect privacy and enhance the look of living rooms and bedrooms. Shutters actually originate before glass became popular and remain a great option, especially as they’re available in styles to suit all ages of house. Blinds look stylish, are easy to operate and are available in a range of colours.

uPVC round guttering in black


An often-overlooked area of the house, the roof is nonetheless your first line of defence against the elements. Our roofline products such as fascia boards, guttering and cladding are guaranteed to protect against water damage and rot, which if left untreated can cause serious problems.

A repair man fixing a broken lock and door handle


You may not have the time or the budget to go for full replacements at this stage. If not, Futureglaze has an excellent pedigree when it comes to window and door repairs, carrying out a wide variety of jobs from double-glazing unit replacements to fitting door panels. Don’t let niggling issues get you down; instead, we’ll get your windows and doors functioning as they should once again.

Home improvement installer for South Wales homes

We offer replacement windows, doors, and conservatories to homeowners across the whole of South Wales. Whether you’ve just moved home and are looking to put your own stamp on things, you’re looking to upgrade your existing property so you don’t need to move, or you just want to improve your home to make life more comfortable for you and your family, get in touch or call us on 01443 423 423, and we’d love to see how we can make your home better.