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The start of the year is a time for reflection, true, but for the excitable South Wales homeowner with big future plans, it’s also a time for looking ahead. 2023 brings with it any new opportunities, most of them no doubt informed by a range of fast-moving home improvement trends that will better cater to people’s tastes and preferences for how they’d like to live. New colours. Fresh layouts. Advancements in materials… The possibilities are almost endless. However, from a bird’s eye view such a blank slate can seem a tad daunting.

That’s why we at Futureglaze thought it worthwhile to predict what we think will be some of 2023’s home improvement trends. Hopefully it’ll help guide you through and provide inspiration for your next big renovation project. Let’s dive in…

Freshen up the home with new window styles and colours

We at Futureglaze know a thing or two about revitalising the home, so it won’t be surprising to hear us mention it as a top priority for anyone wanting to capitalise on 2023 trends. Sometimes this means simply updating, say, your casement windows’ aluminium frames with new vibrant powder coat frames, available in colours like Cream, Dune, and Anthracite Grey, or completely overhauling your home’s style of windows entirely.

If you have ambitions of doing the latter, space (as we go into more detail about later) is always of top priority. That’s why the extra 2- to 3-ft of space bay windows can introduce never goes out of fashion. Though rooted in the past, bay windows can be fitted to suit both modern and traditional homes thanks to the variety of materials and colours available. We predict that standard casement windows will remain the most popular style in 2023 due to the style’s affordability and design flexibility, but bay windows are a worthy luxury alternative for people who want practicality as well as style.

Office room conversions

While the throes of the pandemic aren’t completely gone, most people can thankfully agree we’re through the worst of it. However, being couped up and forced to work from home for so long meant a lot of time spent scratching at the walls and utilising a makeshift office. 2023 is a time where a lot of companies and businesses (depending on your industry) now endorse remote/hybrid working, however, which we predict means that a lot of homeowners next year will be looking at a proper conversion with that pesky old spare room.

Converting a space into an office isn’t as simple as buying a table and a chair either. Taking it seriously means completely revitalising the space with a new coat of paint, potentially new hardware, and ensuring a healthy amount of light entry – possibly through the use of new windows. After a few years wondering whether home working will be a permanent mainstay, 2023 is the time where it’ll be truly solidified, so investing in a proper home office should be more than worthwhile.

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency

The cost of living crisis is currently biting everyone hard. And if the experts are to be believed, it’s likely to continue. That means that, now more than ever, homeowners are looking for better ways to reduce their home’s energy bills. Upgrading your home’s windows and doors to prevent heat less is a premier way to do just that, especially seeing as it can result in less reliance on central heating. You’ll therefore be able to save on bills. Upgrading your home’s windows and doors might come at an initial cost, but has the potential to save money in the long run.

Almost every modern window and door replacement, regardless of style, type, or material, is designed with the upmost energy efficiency in mind – that’s the good news. So if you’ve been putting off upgrading your home’s frames whilst deep down knowing that they’re overdue an upgrade, 2023 is absolutely the time to do it. Now more than ever. A-rated energy efficiency levels and exceedingly low U-values is what every smart homeowner will be chasing next year, saving money where it counts and enjoying a warmer, more comfortable home at the same time.

Investing in the outdoors

With more people spending time at home, either as a result of hybrid working or the expense of travel, 2023 looks to be a year where homeowners really start investing in their outdoor living space. Gardens, glass houses, conservatories… next year will prove an ideal time to make blurring the line between interior and exterior a top priority. People have always enjoyed being proud of their gardens, yet we predict that decks, patios, orangeries, and such are set to boom.

A new conservatory installation with brick base and uPVC structure

Investing in your outdoors is all about maximising the amount of outdoor space currently available. It’s when approaching things from this angle we’d encourage all homeowners throughout South Wales to consider how they feel about their immediate outside area, thinking about if they could be using it more. And if not, why not? Is there always something about your garden that’s put you off spending time there? Can you make it warmer and more inviting by implementing external heating? Maybe you’d prefer to go the whole hog and get a firepit or pond added? Either way, don’t think about 2023 as a time to add more outdoor living space, but rather making the most of what’s there.

Adapt for multi-generational living

With mortgage rates going up and house ownership becoming less and less likely, present-day homeowners are taking strides to adapt their properties for what’s known as “multi-generational living”. The age in which people leave home is getting higher each year, after all, so 2023 will likely be a year where certain sections are divided up to suit kids, working parents, and even the elderly. Find a way to make it work for you, and undertake changes one step at a time.

More families than ever are opting to live under one roof, largely as a way to give younger generations a better chance to save money, rather than have them pour it away in the rental market. As such, multi-generational living is set to be the next big trend. Adapting for multi-generational living will mean different things to different families, with the most extreme example being reconfigured rooms or entire floor plans, but the most common is by extended living space with an efficient and stylish conservatory or orangery. Plus, with the right materials, they can look just as good as the main part of your home.

Get 2023 off to the right start with services from Futureglaze

Now that you have a slightly better idea about what 2023’s big home improvement trends are likely to be, why not get a headstart and begin thinking about how we at Futureglaze can help. We’ve been an experienced partner for homeowners situated throughout South Wales for many years, and we’d be happy to lend our knowledge to any property renovation plans you might have. Get in touch using our online form and we’ll respond with a free quote shortly after.