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Now the dark nights have drawn in, and expensive gifts are starting to sit under the tree, Christmas can be an opportunist’s time of year for burglars to sneak in under the cover of darkness. Statistically, December has the highest number of break-ins, so let’s make the most of your thoughtfully chosen Christmas presents and not let the opportunists ruin this special time of year!

Here are Futureglaze’s top tips to keep your home, family, and loved ones safe and secure over Christmas.


Secure windows and doors this Christmas

Check all your windows and doors to ensure all the locks are in good condition and working correctly. Faulty locks, broken locks, or if you don’t use them, can invalidate your home insurance policy, so it’s essential to ensure these are sorted.

Potential burglars will look for signs that your home security may be lacking and look for ways to gain access to your home quickly and easily. Make sure you don’t leave your keys in the back door, close and lock windows properly, and remove window keys from all the windows and hide them so they can’t be seen and are not easily accessible.

Do not run Christmas lights through open windows that can’t then be closed or locked correctly. This makes access very easy for burglars. If you want Christmas lights, install automatic ones, and ensure your windows are closed and locked to help keep burglars away.

A reputable window and door repair service can help if you are concerned about your windows or doors.

Christmas Lights in South Wales

Don’t let your house appear vacant over the Christmas period

If you’re planning on going away for Christmas, do everything you can to make a possible intruder believe you’re home. An intruder has more time to complete a burglary and getaway when a home is empty.

Burglars will often look for signs that homeowners are away on holiday and will now even check for holiday posts on your social media, or post left by the door, empty driveways, and no lights being turned on for a long time. Things you can do to make you appear home include:

  • Ask a neighbour to check for the post every day.
  • Don’t post about your holiday on social media – wait until you get home or share with a few close friends and family on platforms like WhatsApp.
  • Get a house sitter to stay home while you’re away.
  • Set a timer for your lights to give the impression that you’re home.

Recycle Christmas gift packaging carefully

If you’re lucky enough to be gifted expensive gifts at Christmas, be careful not to advertise them! Your new valuables to a burglar is like something shiny to a magpie. By leaving the packaging outside, they will be drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Fold packaging down, and a great tip is to fold it inside out, fit it in your recycling bin, and take it to your nearest recycling centre. Otherwise, only put it out right before it’s due to be collected to avoid the risk of advertisement.

Happy Christmas from Futureglaze

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