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If you’re having problems with your windows and doors, you may think that the only solution is replacement. Replacing your windows and doors can have a massively positive impact on your home’s thermal performance and security standards. New windows and doors, however, can be expensive.

When your home’s glazing has seen better days, but you’re not ready to invest in a glazing upgrade, at Futureglaze, we offer all our customers a professional window and door repair service to help keep your home safe and warm.

detached red brick house with white upvc windows

Money saving window and door repairs

Repairing your windows and doors is a far more cost-effective option than replacing them. At Futureglaze, we have helped thousands of South Wales homeowners to save money by repairing their glazing problems to successfully resolve any issues.

Losing heat from your home is one of the most common problems with glazing products. This can be caused by faulty seals, deteriorated gaskets or even through poor installation in the first place. At Futureglaze, one of our experienced and fully trained installers will visit your home to diagnose your window or door problem and suggest the best way to resolve the issue.

Helping homeowners with honesty and integrity

Window installation team

At Futureglaze, we are extremely proud of our professional reputation. We have been recognised for our dedication and professionalism in several high-profile industry awards events winning Best Window and Door Company and Best Family Run Business in the 2019 Welsh Home Improvement Awards. We have now been nominated for the Best of Welsh Business Awards 2021.

We are extremely proud of these accolades and continue to provide an ethical service to local homeowners across South Wales. Where some glazing companies may tell you that your windows and doors are beyond repair and need replacing, we will always give you honest advice on all your options. If a repair job is possible then we will suggest the best and most cost-effective solution for each individual customer.

If you’ve had any problems with your windows and doors and you’d like to find out whether a repair is possible, contact Futureglaze today. Give us a call on 01443 423 423 or contact us online for more information or to arrange an appointment.