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Burglary in South Wales increased by 6% in 2018. It’s not all doom and gloom though, homeowners can take action to keep their home secure and protect their property and family. In this post we will explore 7 ways to do this including double glazing and secure front doors.

Always Lock Your Front Door

It might surprise you to learn that 34% of intruders simply open the front door and walk in to their victims’ home. It stands to reason that the first step to secure your home in Wales would be to lock the door, but how do you know it’s enough?

Exterior doors should have strong, intact frames with protected hinges. Here at FutureGlaze we would also like to see all front doors in Cardiff and surrounding areas fitted with a high-quality deadbolt.

Increase Security on Windows for The Summer

There are times of the year when the weather is warmer here in the UK and as most people don’t have air conditioning, we need to keep windows open.

At FutureGlaze Cardiff our UPVC windows come with a ‘night vent facility’ which means that you can leave windows slightly open during the summer, but they remain locked meaning they are still secure.

Keep Your Garage Secure

Your garage could be providing intruders with easy access to your home, even if there is no way into the main house, getting into a garage space usually means they find decent things to steal.

One of the most common problems is that people don’t lock their garage doors or the interior doors that the connect house. Getting into this simple habit will keep your home, family and belongings more secure.

Install an Alarm System

Alarm systems differ a great deal but their function is the same, detect danger. Some common residential security alarms simply detect intruders but others are connected to CCTV, security services, or they connect to centralised control systems that automatically lock doors. Some alarm systems are dual purpose and detect fire too.

The main thing to remember is to install the best alarm you can afford if you are worried about the security of your home.

Have Blinds Fitted

If your home has windows which are directly viewed from a main road or pavement, it is important to hide belongings to deter opportunist thieves.

Simply hiding items such as electronics may mean thieves won’t be as tempted to try and enter your property while you are at work.

At FutureGlaze (located near Cardiff in south Wales) we offer a range of blinds which offer privacy without blocking out light.

Replace Wooden Patio Doors

Single glazed, old wooden patio doors will be easy for thieves to break through fairly quietly. Often placed at the rear of a property and out of sight of neighbours, if you don’t have an alarm system, a wooden patio door could be a day time thieves dream.

There are a wide range of secure, double glazed UPVC or composite patio doors on the market for our Cardiff customers, which will make your home more secure than ever before.

Double Glazing

Single glazing is easy to break. The glass itself is thin and with one quick movement the barrier between your home and the burglar is gone. Not only that but if the intruder wanted to keep noise to a minimum they could remove the entire pane of glass with ease.

The below par quality of single glazing is why many houses now have double glazing.  However, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee a secure home. Older double glazing isn’t as thick as the more modern options. It’s also vitally important that the window has secure, functioning locks.

Providing double glazing and doors in Cardiff and across South Wales, Future Glaze can provide practical, professional and trustworthy support to help you secure your home.

Get in touch with one of our team for all the help you need. Call us today on 01443 423423 or fill out our website contact form and we will call you back.