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New year’s resolutions don’t usually last any longer than the middle of January. That’s why in 2019 we would like those of you who live in and around Cardiff and the South Wales area, to consider investing in a new UPVC or composite front door instead of a weight loss plan! In this post, we will outline 3 reasons why your front door, your house and your bank account will all benefit from a new look this year.

1. A new front door will save you money

Your old front door could be leaking money. Energy prices continue to rise and if you are looking to make savings in 2019 then increasing the energy efficiency of your home is a must. A new UPVC or composite door will be far more efficient at keeping heat in and cutting out drafts.

They are weatherproof and insulated to make them highly thermally efficient. Those who live in South Wales like we do, will know that regardless of whether you are in the big city of Cardiff or deep in the Valleys, we all need to hold on to every bit of heat we can get.

2. A new front door will keep you safe

As a homeowner, crime is always a concern, in Cardiff burglary has recently risen by 5.28% so it’s nothing to be complacent about. You want to protect your family and your property which is why it’s worth remembering that your front door is the barrier between your castle and the outside world.

Old doors are vulnerable, especially ones that are damaged, hollow or simply neglected. Thieves are often opportunists so if your door presents easy access to them then they are more likely to attempt a break-in and succeed.

No-one wants to live in fear though which is why taking action and making sure you have taken all necessary steps to protect yourself gives you peace of mind. A high quality well hung solid door with a high-end deadbolt will protect your home by making it harder work for intruders (we don’t want to make life easy for them, do we?) UPVC doors and composite doors both offer an excellent level of protection so you and your family can sleep well again. All our doors are the safest on the market, using the best locking system available.

3. A new front door looks good

A new door is a statement, it’s the first impression that someone will get when they visit your home. The question is what do you want this impression to be? An old door tells a story, it gives an impression of neglect so that no matter how lovely your home is on the inside, people don’t always see past the exterior.

It’s not just about how it looks though, anything that affects the visual appearance of your house will improve its value. South Wales house prices vary a great deal but if you just take Bridgend as an example, in the last year prices have fallen 1.78%. With a market like this, anything you can do to push that price up matters.

Here at Futureglaze Windows we provide customers in the South Wales region UPVC and composite front doors. What’s more, as a family business, we buck the trend and challenge the stereotype of double-glazing pushy salespeople. We believe in letting our high-quality workmanship and customer service do the selling for us, along with our outstanding recommendations which we feel speak for themselves.

We have designs that will suit any home and any family if you are looking for contemporary, classic, simple or ornate, we can open the right doors for you. Keeping you warm, safe and saving you money every time. All our UPVC and Composite doors are custom made, allowing us to work together to find the ideal product that’s right for you.

Across South Wales, customers from the big city of Cardiff to the close-knit town of Bridgend, the small villages around The Vale of Glamorgan and everywhere in between, recognise us for our commitment to both the work we do and the people we do it for.

Let us help you in your 2019 plight to get a new front door! Get in touch with one of our team for all the help you need. Call us today on 01443 423423 or drop us an email for more information.