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Across Cardiff and the whole of South Wales, Bi-fold doors are now a popular choice for many homes or commercial premises as an alternative to traditional patio doors. They are an excellent way to make homes or offices feel more spacious. And even though we know the weather here in south Wales is not as warm as many places, for those times that we do have lovely warm welsh weather, it is nice to be able to connect with the outside!

Removing wall space and windows or doors, and replacing with bi-fold doors can enhance the look and feel of a home, office or restaurant for example, whilst also enhancing security. In this post we will explore why choosing to install bi-fold doors can add appeal whilst enhancing security.

Open Plan Living 

Open plan living is something that many homeowners are now seeking to achieve. In particular, it is not unusual for walls to be removed between kitchens and dining rooms to create one large family space. Many now also take this a step further by adding bi-fold doors to kitchen diners, which truly makes the outside space feel part of the inside space.

Sliding patio doors do not achieve the same affect as there is still glass panelling fixed in place and blocking a certain amount of space. Bi-fold doors can be opened fully, meaning that apart from the folded leaves at each end, there is no separation between the inside of the home and the garden. Great for those summer days in south Wales!

Let The Light In

We have installed some beautiful bi-fold doors across Cardiff and further afield. As well as looking really attractive, it is a given that the more glass you have on the external wall of your property, the more light that is going to be let in. This is great for smaller spaces that need to be opened up visually. It also means that it doesn’t need to be the summertime for you to appreciate your outside space as the glass allows the outside to be more visual from inside throughout the year. 

Secure Double-glazing

We know that across our area there are many older properties, some of which don’t have double-glazing throughout. This can be an issue for the security of your property. Single glazed windows, doors and patio doors can be easily tampered with and broken through without causing too much noise disturbance.

By replacing not only the windows to double-glazing but also doors and patio doors, your home or commercial premises will be much more secure. Double-glazed units are known by thieves to be much more difficult to be broken into without the use of noisy power tools or severe force. This makes them much of a less attractive burglary option for an opportunist.

Add Blinds for Privacy

If you are concerned about the privacy surrounding having so much glass on your property for those private times, you can get around this by adding blinds to your bi-fold doors.

At Futureglaze we offer a wide range of stylish and affordable blinds.

Adaptable Door Size Configuration 

Bi-fold doors can also be great for unusually sized spaces. At Futureglaze we offer 2 to 6-panel configurations, meaning they can be used for many more different spaces in comparison to standard-sized patio doors.

Secure Locks

All Futureglaze’s Bi-fold doors feature a multi-point high-security locking system. This means that in addition they can be used safely and securely as an entry and exit point to the property. It also means that they are as secure as any other door in your home.


Here at FutureGlaze we provide UPVC or Aluminium bi folding doors for our customers in Cardiff and the whole South Wales area. We spend time designing a bi-fold door configuration, suitable for their property and their budget. Why not enhance your home’s style and security this summer, and bring the outside inside!

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