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Celebrating 35 years trading

We have been in business for over 34 years and we know from our customers in Cardiff, Bridgend and across South Wales that composite doors (and composite front doors in particular) are now more popular than ever before.

Robust and built to last, our composite doors are manufactured using robust through-colour GRP door skins, giving an attractive grain. These GRP skins are very resistant to knocks, scratches and wear and tear due to the weather or the environment. You can also be assured that they twist, warp or split.

Composite doors are popular for those people that want the look and feel of a wooden door, but the benefits of UPVC. Composite really does bridge the gap between wood and UPVC for our customers.

In this post, we will examine, in addition to these benefits if a composite door can improve the heat retention of a property.

Heat Retention

Heating and energy bills cost more than ever before, that is a fact. It can be said that 35% of heat from a property is lost through windows and doors. So, the more we can do with the windows and doors we have installed in our homes and places of work, the better from an energy cost efficiency perspective. 

A composite door will provide better insulation than a wooden door and excellent heat retention.


In comparison to wooden doors, composite doors have a fully insulated door leaf with a rigid foam core, and the unique multi-chambered frame provides additional insulation.

The highly insulated door means less heat can escape around the frame, meaning more heat remains within the property. This means energy bills will be less than if you had a non-insulated door.

It must also be remembered that unlike wood, a composite will never rot. During manufacture here at Futureglaze we include weather seals and multi-point lock systems to ensure the door is held securely in the frame. This means it’s weather-proof and securely sealed, so over time heat will not be let out leading to a reduction in heat efficiency.

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Here at FutureGlaze, it must also be remembered that we fit all of our composite doors with a Yale locking system for ultimate security. They are also all manufactured in accordance with ‘secure by design’ that is a UK police initiative with strict guidelines for security.


In addition to the added benefit of security, composite doors are very desired by those looking to achieve a particular style for their renovation project. For example, a period or character property may not look right with UPVC windows and doors. By opting for composite customers can use colour and a wood grain effect to really achieve the desired look and feel they are going for. From blue to red, to duck egg, and many in-between, here at FutureGlaze, we can cater for any taste and style of property.

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We are proud to provide our customers across Cardiff and south Wales with high quality Composite Doors (including composite front doors). We have a wide variety to choose from, all on display in our showroom, just outside Cardiff.

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