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A simple change in the colour of your windows can make a huge difference. Your property not only looks beautiful from the outside, it feels fresh too. Moreover, painting your UPVC windows in exotic shades makes your property stand out in the neighbourhood and certainly improves its realty value.

How to paint uPVC windows

If your UPVC windows are looking a bit jaded, you are probably looking to have them painted. However, UPVC windows are not suitable for painting really. UPVC doesn’t take to the brush very well.

So, what are your alternatives then?

Option 1 – get them spray painted

Spray paint cansSpray painting is the method of choice when you want to paint UPVC windows. Spray painting by itself is a difficult job as the paint is likely to spread all over the place.

You have very little control over which way the paint will spread unless you are very experienced and precise. And when you hire people with such expertise, they certainly are not cheap.

Secondly, the task becomes very difficult when you have to spray paint slim UPVC window frames that provide very little coverage area. Furthermore, a special type of paint is used to coat UPVC windows and it is extremely difficult to scrape off this paint from other surfaces. Overall, spray painting is an expensive project.

So, is the effort worth it?

Paint can greyAny painting project comes with lots of hassle. This is all the truer of UPVC windows as you want to just paint the frames while keeping the panes protected from ugly spots and stains. There are companies who claim to do a great job of painting UPVC windows.

However, in-depth knowledge of the entire process will force you to rethink your decision to get them painted. In our opinion, if your UPVC windows are dated, consider investing in new UPVC windows rather than spending on repainting your old windows.

The Spray Painting Process

Old window with blue shutters

The contractors will first clean the entire area, remove all items that may come in the way of the spray and clean the window thoroughly. You will also be required to cover the floors, the walls and any furniture you can’t move.

So just imagine the number of drop cloths you will need!

Second, all the panes will have to be covered. All handles, hinges and other surfaces on the window will have to be covered thoroughly. This is an extremely laborious process as you can understand.

Next, the window frames are treated with an abrasive material to create a rough surface for the paint to hold fast. This is not really desirable as scratching the surface to remove the existing paint can damage your slim UPVC frames.

Now the actual process begins. Spray painting is a very delicate job and demands the utmost attention to detail and precision. Depending on the number of windows you want to paint, this can be very time consuming.

And the worst part is that even after spending so much time and money, the paint may not last long as UPVC does not hold paint very well.

Option 2 – Buy new UPVC Windows

The best alternative to spray painting is investing in new UPVC windows. If you need to redo your windows, it means they are quite old. So, investing in new windows makes better sense.

Secondly, spray painting is an elaborate and delicate job, and consequently an expensive service. Why spend all that money on revamping old windows when you can just buy new ones?

Thirdly, the process is full of hassles and can really give you a headache. Avoid all that covering and cleaning and just get new UPVC windows installed.

Colouring window FAQs

  • Can you paint UPVC window sills? The window sill can be painted as well.
  • Can you paint UPVC doors and windows? Yes, both uPVC windows and uPVC doors can be painted.
  • Can you paint the inside of a uPVC window? The interior side of a window can be painted just like the outside.

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