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Your doors are your prime line of security for your home. Doors are available in different materials each with its distinct advantage. Of all the available options, composite doors and UPVC doors have become quite popular of late.

A brief guide will help you decide which one is better for your home.

Composite doors

When you are looking for doors with genuine wood effect, composite doors are a great choice. They are made from various sturdy materials that are pressed; glued and fused together under high pressure. Moreover, the doors have an extremely rigid and sturdy polyurethane core that makes these composite doors very secure and difficult to break.

Furthermore, these doors flaunt a high-quality, elegant look and can instantly enhance the look of any property.

Composite doors for South Wales homeowners

Composite doors at our Showroom near Cardiff conform to the highest standards and are built to last for decades. All doors boast sturdy through-colour GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) door skins that are installed on both the outer and inner panels.

The GRP skins act as an excellent protective layer, protecting your lovely composite doors from sun damage and fading over the years. The layer also protects the surface of these exquisite doors from scratches, abrasions and other effects of daily wear and tear.

Made of high-quality, durable, synthetic materials, composite doors are weather-proof. They do not warp, rust, peel or twist over the years. Moreover, the GRP skin on both sides makes it very easy to maintain these plush looking doors. Occasional wiping will keep them in top condition and you would probably never have to re-paint them.

Stylish and high performing composites

Composite doors offer all the elegance and luxurious appeal of solid hardwood doors without the associated hassles. These thick doors offer excellent thermal insulation and total security for your home. All our doors are fitted with sufficient locks that conform to the UK police’s strict security guidelines.

Composite doors, therefore, not only make your home look opulent, they help reduce your energy bills too.

Although our composite doors are much preferred for their authentic resemblance to wooden doors, they are available in different colours to suit too. As well as timber shades in both light and dark tones, we offer several other colours too such as deep blue, resplendent green, exotic duck egg blue and even black.

UPVC doors

At our showroom where we service Cardiff and surrounding areas, we stock UPVC doors too. When you fancy doors that are pristine white in colour with a luxurious flat finish, look no further than UPVC doors. White has its own understated elegance and UPVC doors are ideal for adding a cool and plush look to your home.

Of late, UPVC doors have become extremely popular for their durability and affordability. These doors are made of highly durable, lightweight plastic materials that can withstand the elements and a lot of rough use.

Although primarily white in colour, UPVC doors are easy to maintain. Made of plastic, they retain less dust and dirt and weekly cleaning is enough to keep them shining as new. You can safely use water or any other cleaning liquid without worrying about the effects of moisture.

Strong and thermally efficient uPVC doors

UPVC doors are also extremely sturdy. Temperature fluctuations or moisture doesn’t much affect these hard-wearing doors. These thick doors also offer excellent thermal insulation keeping your home cooler in summer and preventing the indoor heat from escaping outside during winter. With UPVC doors, you can enjoy a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the year and also save on energy bills.

UPVC doors also act as excellent sound barrier, keeping your home calm and quiet. They are perfect if you live in a noisy neighbourhood and want some real peace inside your home.

Being thick, sturdy and durable, UPVC doors provide excellent security for your home. All our UPVC doors are fitted with a 10-point Yale locking mechanism that ensures 100% safety for your home.

Versatile bespoke uPVC doors

UPVC doors can be used as an entry door as well as a back door. Should you want to add some style to your front door, consider fitting them with decorative panels, stained glass or bevelled edges.

Although UPVC doors are much preferred for their shiny white looks, they are also available in a multitude of colours to suit every decor and personal taste. If you prefer wood shades, you can opt for colours like antique teak, mahogany, golden oak or rosewood. Other options include grey, cream, bold red, emerald green, deep blue or stunning black.

How do I choose between composite doors and UPVC doors?

Answer our questions to help you decide…

  • Are you trying to reduce plastic use?

Composite doors still contain plastic but considerably less than UPVC.

  • Are you on a tight budget?

Composite doors generally cost more than UPVC. Although the price still varies greatly based on quality, you will find lower cost doors are made of UPVC.

  • How long do you want them to last?

Composite doors last longer than UPVC. This is because of the variety of materials and the way it is manufactured using high pressure.

High performing doors from Futureglaze

Here at FutureGlaze, we provide both UPVC and composite doors for our customers in Bridgend and the South Wales area. We spend time talking to our customers first and give them an honest and informed assessment of the choice that is right for them, their home and their budget. We also provide high-quality secure locks and features that enable our clients to make the most out of their new doors for years to come.

Want to know more about UPVC or Composite doors?

As one of the leading windows and doors suppliers in South Wales & Cardiff, we offer both composite doors and UPVC doors. Visit our showroom today to take a look at our offerings. Our experts would be happy to provide sound advice, so you can make an informed decision. Call 01443 423 423 now for a free quote, or view our doors section online here.