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Double glazing is a type of window construction wherein two panes of glass are fused together with a layer of inactive gas sealed in-between them. Once the double panes are framed and sealed, your windows become completely airtight.

So, if you are looking to replace your old windows with double glazing, we are the people to contact. We are a leading supplier of UPVC windows in Newport and South Wales with 30 years of experience. We use high quality Pilkington glass panes and all our glazing is A rated.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of double glazed windows.

Excellent insulation

Research indicates that even modern homes with the latest single-paned windows have very little insulation. Single-pane windows do precious little in insulating your home during summer or winter. In fact, most homes with single glazed windows lose up to 50% of indoor heating during winter and can get uncomfortably hot during the summer months.

The foremost advantage of using double glazed windows is that it provides excellent, fool-proof insulation. Further, it does not allow the heat from your central heating system to escape out. This will keep you warm during winters.

With our A-rated products that are affordable too, you can be sure of a double-glazed window that is extremely efficient in conserving energy and provides excellent thermal insulation because of the airtight UPVC framing.

Saves energy and money

With such high insulation, double glazed windows help conserve energy. When external heat cannot flow in during summer, you can control the internal temperature of your home more easily.

And in winter, when the heat inside your home cannot escape out, you won’t have to operate your central heating system all day to stay warm.

No wonder then that your heating system will be far more efficient – and therefore your bills cheaper! With double-glazed windows, you can keep your electricity bills under control.

Great sound insulation

External noise can be a great irritant especially if you live near busy roads, airports or railway lines. Single pane windows do little to block out excess noise even if you keep them shut throughout the day. However, air circulation is important. It keeps your interiors fresh and healthy.

Double-glazed windows offer the perfect solution. Because of the air-tight construction, the layer of Argon gas in-between the panes and an impenetrable UPVC framing, double-glazed windows act as excellent sound barrier. They do not allow external noise to disturb your peace, keeping your interiors calm and quiet.

Enhanced security for your home

Our double-glazed windows are a great choice when it comes to the security of your home. We use only Pilkington glass and all our panes are 28mm thick.

Made of two layers of thick, toughened glass, these windows guarantee 100% security for your home. The panes are extremely tough, and it won’t be easy to break without creating a lot of noise. The sturdy UPVC frame ensures the windows stay in place once they’re shut completely.

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